Brands @ Mynx Boutique

Our unique mix of brands give a great selection of contemporary casual, sporty, and fun styles that can be worn day and night. We choose our collections based on the lifestyle of our clients, resulting in a one-stop shop for pieces that go from work to weekend wear.

All of Gilmour Clothing’s collections are made in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Proudly Canadian made since 1994, Gilmour Clothing sells directly to retailers only, providing stores across Canada with bamboo fashions and everyday basics. All of the stock is in season and available for immediate delivery or within two to three weeks.


Simple the Brand is all about special, comfortable materials. Hereby not only attention is paid to what looks good, but also to what feels good. By combining luxury fabrics with a comfortable fit, we bring powerful, high-quality items. The items may seem simple, but with a closer look you quickly see the abundance of details that have been applied with great care. Due to the timeless appearance, the key items can be worn throughout the year.


Pure Essence  Pure has been created for the women of today. Fashion and quality into one garment to create for you a lifestyle collection with amazing comfort while always maintaining a fabulous look.  Made in Canada knits using lots of natural fabrics with a big emphasis on Bamboo and Modal fabrications. Enjoy wearing these great jacquards and novelties in your own unique sense of style.


Founded in 1969 in Montreal, Canada, Tribal began as a women’s pants separates brand. Over the past 40 years, the brand has evolved into a fully merchandised lifestyle collection. Offering affordable seasonal assortments which emphasize comfort and fit, our clothes aren’t just about looking good, they’re also about feeling good. From thread to finish, each one of our pieces is thoughtfully crafted using exceptional materials and premium fabrics, with unparalleled attention to detail.


Soyaconcept is a fashion design company located in the southern part of Denmark. Their products are quality clothes, but at a price that allows our customers the possibility of creating a fashionable wardrobe from their own ideas without spending a fortune in the process.


For years, we’ve been manufacturing the most popular pull on pants. We saw it was time to raise the level of fashion and fit to new heights, so we created our own brand, up! Pants Montréal. Our chic styling and thincredible fit™ is so special, it hasn’t taken long to take North America by storm. We are now in fine boutiques all across the US and Canada.


For over a decade Lisette Limoges has been designing women’s pants with a purpose: crafting that perfect fit for all women and all body types. The goal was to leave no body behind and she has done just that. Lisette’s career in fashion began on the sales side, but she yearned from the outset to do much more.


Founded in Montreal in 1991. Dex is a true pioneer in affordable luxury. Being based in one of the hippest cities in North America definitely has its perks. Surrounded by an unrelenting stream of inspiration and world class talent, the Dex design team has a natural gift for creating the hottest looks at prices that won’t make you sweat.


Point Zero is the number one leading Canadian brand name and the largest manufacturer of chic and fashion-forward ready-to-wear apparel for men, women and children. Founded in 1979 by Maurice Benisti, Point Zero has grown to become the number one Canadian lifestyle brand for men, women, and children.


Being an industry leader in outdoor apparel and products takes passion, and an understanding of people who love the outdoors as much as we do.


In Chicoutimi, a little town based in Northern Quebec, passionate adventurers dreamed of offering high performance clothing and equipment for the pursuit of outdoor activities. The collection was destined to become the gear of choice for both beginners and experts.


Yest is spontaneous, unique and affordable. Yest is everywhere and original, but also in the moment. It is fashion for the trendy woman who knows what she wants and enjoys living life for today.  With eight new collections per year, keeping your fashion up-to-date has never been easier.


Carreli™ first started with a vision that head designer Daniel Abissidan had in the late 80’s.  After operating several denim stores across Montreal and its surroundings, Daniel noticed the emerging demand for a high quality denim at a competitive price point. The Carreli™ label was officially launched in 1989 with the creation of the Ashley style that sold over one million pair worldwide and still going strong to this day.


Liverpool Jean Company is inspired by the music of The Beatles and the women who influenced them. Our mission is to create exciting jeans in the most innovative denim fabrics, with lift and shape solutions that follow a woman’s natural curves providing a long, sleek and slimming effect. Each pair of Liverpool jeans feature comfort stretch denim, fabulous washes and a front/back rise that is not too high, but not too low.


Papillon has been operating out of its Los Angeles corporate office for the past thirty-five years. Papillon’s great team of people put their minds together into creating, operating, managing, manufacturing and marketing in the United States and overseas. Papillon’s mission is to satisfy the fashion needs of a modern, detail oriented, and elegant woman.